The course is intended for teachers of Universities and other higher institutions. Its goal is to enable the learners, regardless of their initial knowledge and skills, to orient confidently in all of variety of e-learning (eL) tools and methods and then use actively in educational process  that of them, which, from point of teachers view, may give the biggest educational effect and/or are the most comfortable for the teacher. The authors of course did not set before themselves the problem to give complete description of each e-learning (eL) technology/resource its just impossible because of extraordinarily fast| transformations and expansion of subject domain. However they tried to provide learners with an original guide-book, on which basis every interested learner will be able quickly and effectively received all of necessary knowledge, abilities and skills.

The course consists of modules, each of which ends with a test and/or complex control task. These control activities are mainly intended for self testing, but their results (at will of the learner ) can be estimated by tutor (instructor). The course study format is blended learning. The course consists of 8 modules which contains 22 theoretical topics, 9 practical works and 2 seminars.


The course "Technologies and Resources for e-Learning" was developed within the TEMPUS project "Western Eastern Teacher Educational Network".