IMS mail server

 If you haven't mailbox in the Internet, you can register it on a free mail servers:

mailbox name: @sim

(for log in use your login, as the name of mailbox, and password which you reserved at registration)

IMS mail server has following functions:

    • exchange by the messages with IMS users
    • sending of messages to external mail servers
    • exchange by files attached to the messages
    • creation of mailing lists
      • IMS mail server don't support receiving of messages from external mail servers!

! Mailbox on IMS mail server is got in the use to the registered users. Directly after registration you get access to your mailbox with the same name and password as the name of user and password reserved at registration. To this mailbox it will be sent message which confirms that your registration information was successfully received by IMS server. Later, when your registration request will be considered administration, to your mailbox it will be sent confirmations about the successful ending of registration and your acceptance to the IMS user's community in such user's category whilch you have chosen at registration. If registration information had not been approved by IMS administration, access to the mailbox was closed automatically . IMS administration will send message about turning down of your request to your external mail (if its address was indicated at registration).