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National Technical University
 Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute









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Ukrainian Universities

                                                                                                                                         Sumy State University

A. Makarenko Sumy State Pedagogical University 



and Ukrainian Enterprises  


KhPI faculty and collaborators of Center of Distance education 


 developed and delivered during year eight distance courses for more thAn 40  engineers from five big Ukrainian enterprises

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Modern Methods of Non Destructive Evaluation in Engineering Industry

During 19 theoretical and practical lessons with uninterrupted self-testing the student receives knowledge concerning ideas and methods, which one base modern ultrasonic, electromagnetic and optical means of a nondestructive evaluation. With the help of virtual laboratory activities and practical tasks student obtains practical skills of work with a number of widespread nondestructive test systems.

Informational Systems for Designing and Engineering Analysis of Machine-Building Constructions

Ten lessons of the course supplied with the animated prompting allow receiving practical skills of work with modern engineer designing software namely CAD-system Solid Works 2001 and universal finite-element packet ANSYS.

Fundamentals of Internet Technologies

The course is useful to the person, which one starts a route in "World Wide Web". It will help to receive primary knowledge and skills on usage of an e-mail, navigating in the Internet, information search, creation of the elementary Web-pages, participation in teleconferences.

Designing Fundamentals  in PRO/ENGINEER

The course consists of three parts approximately meant for 20 study hours. It calls attention to the fundamental concepts of a powerful engineer designing software namely system Pro/ENGINEER and informs a basic set of skills on designing of machine details and their assembly. The main methods of work in a studied system are illustrated on an example of calculator model development. It's utilized animated prompts and self-testing step by step.

New Functional Machine-Building Materials Obtained by Surface Hardening

The course contains brief but full presentation of three modern methods of surface treatment of machine components namely using low temperature plasma, vacuum deposition and surface deforming. The covers obtained with these methods essentially extend a field of application of components, create a capability of replacement of traditional materials. The course contains more 100 unique photos, schemes and figures, rich library of the professional links.

Marketing for Engineers

The course is meant for the engineers, designers and developers, which one want to receive knowledge in a marketing field. The methods allowed improving commodity innovative policy of a firm and marketing of high technology products are reviewed on concrete examples.

Project Management

The course was developed with wide use of video materials and training techniques. It is dedicated to consideration of phases and tools of project management and will help to gain skills of planning, resource and budget management.

Content of this course was presented on CD-ROM only.

Culture of Civilized Communication

The course is dedicated to formation of communication culture of modern engineer. The large attention is given to the solution of communicative problems during industrial and humanitarian activity.